The Lotus Team works with you through the fundamental practices and interventions of the Lotus SENSE Approach to Holistic Health Care.

Lotus SENSE Approach to Holistic Health Care

Stress Management – utilize bodywork, meditation, yoga sutras, mindfulness practices, breathwork, and other modalities and tools to cultivate mind-body knowledge, understand habitual patterns, change reactions/responses, and find ease in daily life stress.

Exercise: participate in yoga, strength/stretch programs, weight training, cardiovascular exercise for maintaining strength, endurance, and flexibility in the body.

Nutrition: honor the body-mind by making healthy food choices each day. Integrate herbal medicine, Ayurveda, or dietary recommendations from licensed practitioners to improve nutritional status, shift eating patterns, build immune system strength, and enhance overall mind-body vitality.

Social & Spiritual Interaction: join in classes, meetup groups, workshops, co-working opportunities, and local events for creating consciousness building, social engagement, spiritual self-care, and community based collaboration.

Education: engage in skill based learning & self-empowerment for developing knowledge of self, symptoms and understanding of health and holistic healing in mind, body and spirit.

Why is the Lotus SENSE Approach Important?

The Lotus SENSE Approach to Holistic Health Care help us as your holistic health practitioner focus on preventative approaches, education, and intervention when necessary.  As your practitioner we work together, inter referring when our own scope of practice has been reached in order to provide you with innovative and comprehensive options that meet your unique holistic health needs.

Instead of only focusing on moving ill-health to average health with absence of disease as the end goal, Lotus Practitioners take health goals a step further – Our goal is to help you move from illness or average health to a state of enhanced health where balance in mind, body, and spirit are of equal importance for maintaining health and quality of life.

We serve You, as your advocate, practitioner, and mentor during this processes to help you KNOW your body-mind connection, UNDERSTAND your symptoms, and BECOME your own health care provider for LIFE LONG positive change.