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Seraphim Blueprint/ Seraphim Helaing Level 1 with Rhonda Lanier

Seraphim Blueprint/ Seraphim Helaing Level 1 with Rhonda Lanier

Mar 24, 10:00am - Mar 24, 4:00pm

LOTUS Charleston
232 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, SC  29403 Map

Ruth Rendely was contacted by a Seraphim Angel in 1994, while residing in California. He made her aware of ancient wisdom and initiated her into this long lost method to connect with cosmic energy. Ruth re-introduced this powerful spiritual system to the modern age and has been a teacher and mentor to many seekers worldwide. She shares her insights and experiences on her journey into the realm of the Seraphic consciousness in the book "Seraphim Blueprint-The Power of Angel Healing" First revealed in Atlantean times now practiced again by many worldwide, this unique evolutionary path towards Self-Realization is currently taught in America, Australia, Asia and Europe. A series of sequential initiations prepares the students for an optimal access to eleven cosmic vibrations selected by the Seraphim. This step by step integration of aspects of Source- energy accelerates our spiritual growth and brings us more into the flow of synchronistic events. The different energies work together in a comprehensive way to enhance our well being and to create a harmonious balance. Every time our own vibration has been raised, each of the frequencies also adjusts intelligently to our new potential and assists us in the process of reaching the next highest level of consciousness. In this way we can consistently strengthen our connection to the Source of all That Is. The connection with the energies can be activated to run “in the background” while we are occupied with something else. The Seraphim Blueprint allows us to tap into this energy source, even if we have no time for meditation. This is a great advantage for all of us who have busy schedules, and it is one of the reasons why this powerful spiritual system has won the Gold award in the category “Spirit, Mind & Body Integration” at San Francisco’s New Living Expo in 2010 and 2012. 6 Levels – 11 Energies Level I Seraphim Healing Stimulates our self-healing powers and provides us with easy and effective tools to support others energetically. Two different energies assist physical and emotional healing. They may be used for hands-on transmission, distant sessions, installation of vitalizing light grids in rooms, to empower quartz crystals and to create energy pipelines for sending and receiving of cosmic energies. Level II Seraphim Sacred Geometry The progressive removal of karmic limitations, to break through self-sabotage programs and to enhance rapid evolution. Strengthens our trust and brings us more into the flow of synchronistic events, opening up unexpected shortcuts so that our true potential can unfold. Includes an experience of controlled rising of Kundalini energy. Level III Seraphim Manifestation Enhances our ability to manifest and to more quickly achieve our desires. Receiving more wish fulfillment on a personal level allows us to aspire to the higher goals in alignment with our cosmic purpose. Level IV Seraphim Cosmic Splendor Maximizes the use of our holographic etheric bodies through an attunement to cosmic forces that we experience constantly. Adjusts us to the expanding universe and prepares us for breaking through dimensional barriers. Level V Seraphim Planetary Healing Serves the process of restoration of the natural balance. Provides us with tools to improve our communication with non-physical beings who partner with us to heal the planet. Level VI Seraphim Grace and Union Use of energy in an even purer form; beauty in our environment is absorbed as food for our soul. Enhances access to the collective consciousness and an experience of the unconditional love and the union with Source. Taught by Rhonda Lanier Seraphim Blueprint Teacher and Healer.