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Understanding Energy~A Meditation & Teaching Series with Marcie Anderson

Understanding Energy~A Meditation & Teaching Series

From Guest Teacher Marcie Anderson:

“By now you've heard of the Law of Attraction, and that like attracts like-maybe you've heard the term, 'Karma', too. What do all of these terms mean to you, and how does understanding them translate into having them affect your life in a positive way?

Allow me to bring teaching, a bit of humor and life experiences coupled with over 15 years of study, to demystify meditation, and any confusion you may have around being able to manifesting exactly what you desire.” - Marcie Anderson

For questions and more information:

+1 415.418.4358

"Are We There Yet? Enlightenment for Busy People"

What to expect in Meditation Class?

The format for the evening is approximately 20-25 minutes of teaching, a light Q & A if needed, followed by a silent internal mantra meditation. You deserve to feel a deeper connection to Nature, to Source, and through these evenings together, you will.