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TEA + TALK: Ancient Wisdom Practices for Modern Woman's Womb

Have you considered the health of your vagina (womb) today? Ancient Wisdom practices for the Modern Woman's Womb, such as Vaginal Steaming, hold valuable answers, alternatives, and opportunities to heal, connect, and inspire us to live more fully within our body while honoring our intuition & embracing our feminine spirit in all of life stages.   

Tonight's Tea + Talk is about the ancient wisdom behind Vaginal Steaming - a 2,000 year old healthcare practice used around the world to treat common illnesses, PMS, infertility, postpartum, menopause, and more. 

Together we will discover the history, practice, and philosophy behind this ancient wisdom practice of Vaginal Steaming known as "Bajos" - or in my scope of practice - Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy.  A demonstration of the Peri-steam Hydrotherapy will be provided. *Clothing will remain on to show proper use of the Lotus Steam Box to the group.  We will also discuss the 4 main categories of herbs used in Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy and the step by step protocol behind creating an ideal steaming session. 

What is it?

Vaginal Steaming is created by steaming water and specific herbs. The steam pot is placed underneath the pelvis in a unique steam sauna to allow the gentle herbal steam to penetrate this delicate area of the body. The warm steam and herbs are absorbed into the skin -promoting circulation, relaxation, and more. The herbs used are specific to the person and promote womb healing (the uterus and surrounding reproductive organs) from outside in. The goal is to create a meditative self-care practice that helps Women reach their optimum level of sensual health, hormonal balance, trauma release, and overall wellness.

This is an inquiry class - questions, concerns, and ideas are Welcome. The space shared will remain safe and private to ensure comfort and confidentiality within the group.  I will also reserve time to consult privately with each of you at the end of the conversation portion of the class. 

Questions & Concerns please contact your practitioners: 

Abigail McClam, Arvigo(TM) Therapy Practitioner & Peri-Steam Hydrotherapist. 

Ashana Jones-Bell, LMT & Peri-Steam Hydrotherapist // 843-724-9807