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The Five Elements Meditation Series

This class will offer the foundational teachings of The Channels of Creation. The Five Elements; earth, fire, sky, water and air are everywhere-they are what makes up this entire universe of universes, and we as humans are no different. Each student will learn the different aspects of nature and how to 'peek behind the curtain' of life, in order to expand understanding and awareness. Think of this knowledge as a condensed version of the creation, and know that you can't google this stuff! There are practices offered with each specific element that give us greater insight as to who we are, why we are here, and to our purpose. There are steps to a stage of consciousness, that, once taken and you have reached a stage, there cannot be an un-learning. This section will end with a meditation.

Session 1 (5 weeks) - January 15th to February 12th

$10 if you only want to participate in one part of the class) paid by check to One HEART Connection, LLC or through PayPal to or via following link.

Earlier Event: January 15
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