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Deep Dive Into Your Heart’s Intelligence to Transform Both Health and Life!

Learn to soothe your soul as you live from your core values and from the heart!

3-Hour Workshop for a Deep Dive Into Your Heart’s Intelligence
to Transform Both Health and Life!
Investment of $200 Includes a Private 40-Minute Coaching Follow-Up Session

This 3-hour workshop, plus a private 40-minute private coaching session, will support you to live your best life from your heart’s intelligence and intuitive wisdom. You will learn how to de-stress as stress occurs, and when it is most damaging to your health, relationships and work. As you learn to bring body, mind and emotions in sync, energy is restored and renewed for the things that matter most.

⇧ Focus and clarity
⇧ Sleep
⇧ Calmness
 Anxiety
 Fatigue
 Depression and sadness

You’ll learn to move from stressful feelings, like anger and frustration, to ease, compassion, hope and joy in seconds to a few minutes, as you learn the core HeartMath tools. In this deep dive into your heart’s intelligence, you’ll learn how to sustain a coherent state for 3-5 minutes, rewiring neural circuitry so that positive feelings and responses to life’s challenges, more and more, become your go-to position.

We’ll practice with HeartMath’s Inner Balance and emWave technology to see live and on the screen what a stressed to coherent state feels and looks like. Using your real life challenges and stressors, you will move from confusion and overwhelm to clarity, compassion and ease.

Stress blocks your greatest source of intelligence and wellbeing. The HeartMath tools teach us a life lived from the heart is the best life of all!

About your practitioner:
Laurie Levin is a Certified Coach and Certfied HeartMath Coach. She has studied nutrition, stress reduction and weight loss/optimal life style and has been coaching people all over the country to optimal health and wellbeing for 20 years. When you reduce stress on the body, both nutritional/resulting weight and emotional stress, you significantly reduce your risk of premature aging, illness and disease. (636) 233-3330